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Nude Drunk Moms
I grew up with my single mother, as my father left us when I
was 6 and my mother was 26. Not that I missed him. My only
recollections of him are those of a violent man, who would not
control his temper, neither towards mom, nor me.

When I turned into my teens I started to notice, what a
gorgeous woman my mother was. Up till then I only thought of her
as a loving, funny and pretty woman, who was always there when I
needed her. But as I started growing hair in different places I
also noticed, what a fine body she had. She was small and slim,
had almost black hair with a tinge of red, small, pert breasts
which were always bouncing under her blouses. And even though her
tummy was flat and well trained, her behind was rounded and
beautiful with its firm, high buttocks.

We had never hidden our bodies from each other. My naked drunk mom in
the bathroom was a sight I was used to all my life, and I wasn't
shy with her either. But when I turned 13 and discovered the joys
of masturbation, I sometimes found this a bit difficult, because
pretty soon the pictures from magazines, which were my first
inspirations, were replaced with images of my mother in the
shower, or naked in our secluded garden, where she would work on
her tan.

Shortly before my 14th birthday I experienced two weeks of
Heaven and Hell. Drunk Mom had an accident with her bike, and she broke
her left wrist and hurt her right shoulder badly. With her left
wrist in a cast and her right arm and shoulder in a tight sling,
she found she could not wash herself in the shower, and the first
morning she called me. When I entered the bathroom she was
standing naked beside the shower and she turned to me.

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